About YONC

Think about it: instead of wasting time browsing and searching for information every day, what if it just appeared in front of you? That’s what YONC – Your Own News Collector – delivers: relevant information where you are.

Increase your business efficiency

In our expanding world of people and technology you are overloaded with information – most of which you don’t need. Instead, you need a tool to sort out the relevant information, so you don’t waste your valuable time looking for it. YONC might be what you and your organisation need to be more efficient.

Quality Assurance

How do you keep up to date with news that affects you and your job?
How much relevant information do you miss every day?
Many web pages are continuously updated, and to catch all the relevant changes you would need to browse them continuously. YONC does the job for you, catching only the information you want, while you get on with your job.

YONC makes sure you get relevant information to make the right decisions without the need to browse for it, saving you time in information retrieval. And time is money.


With a standard feed reader you can access every web-feed you can find. Give it a try: the problem is that even just a few feeds will give you way too much information, because even ‘relevant’ feeds contain lots of irrelevant items: and you could drown in the flow if you don’t get help.

The solution is to create one or more groups in YONC, and set-up a filter – keywords, phrases or a more sophisticated query. Drag the feeds into the group(s) and you have manageable information that matches your specific criteria. It’s that simple.